Everybody Curses, I Swear is by Carrie Keagan.  I recognize her from VH1 Morning Buzz Live but you may recognize her from her YouTube videos.  The beginning of this book warns that if you offended by curse words (and at about 2 paragraphs in, she has already used a LOT) then you should pick out a different book to read.  A couple of paragraphs below that she lists 80 curse words – since the average person swears 80 times a day! The list is in alphabetical order and some of these I don’t even consider to be swears so I would venture to guess I’m well above average in the “Daily Cursing” department!

The book is part autobiography and a bit more “crude” than most, but that is what made me love it.  It’s not written all prim and proper, it’s written as if you’re sitting around and having a real conversation with Carrie – average of 80 swear words per day and all.  (Although I think her average is a bit more than 80 too…)  Throughout there are also conversations she’s had with celebrities that were full of swears and double entendres. (Justin Timberlake and Ben Affleck to name a couple)

There is even a word search puzzle – full of curse words! And a crossword puzzle!  And no book about curse words is complete without a Profanity Index at the end of the book.

I received a free e-copy of this book in order to write this review, I was not otherwise compensated.

About the Book

She’s been called vulgar, crass, sophomoric, offensive and dirty…and that was just in one article. But there’s so much more to talk show host, internet entrepreneur, and original YouTube sensation, Carrie Keagan. You may know her as host, writer, and producer of VH1’s hit morning show Big Morning Buzz Live with Carrie Keagan, but before Judd Apatow made being dirty mainstream, she was pioneering the R-rated, A-List celebrity digital video to an audience of tens of millions on one of the first and most successful YouTube networks ever, No Good TV. She’s turned swearing into an art-form and invited all of Hollywood to join in.

Some women f*ck their way to the top but she “f*cked” her way to the top. Her naughty interviews with Hollywood’s elite are the stuff of legend, earning her the nickname “Barbara Walters on Acid.” She’s gone toe-to-toe with virtually every celebrity in the world, and she’s been taking notes. Get ready for all the juicy, behind-the-scenes stories from the biggest stars as she shares her journey from being a bullied kid from Buffalo to Hollywood’s most fearless host. After 8,000 interviews, 2 billion views online, her own TV show, and countless appearances including her upcoming season on Celebrity Apprentice, she’s got crazy stories to tell.

Everybody Curses, I Swear! is the quintessential book on the wonderful world of potty-mouthed depravity inside Hollywood!

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