The last of the Love with Food box posts. I was not happy that they changed prices on me after I locked in for a year and no refunds were offered and the quality of the items in the boxes were becoming less and less items that I actually would want to try… so I am moving on.  Try it Tuesday will never be the same. It got me thinking if I should switch to something else. Let’s say sausage, for example. Our local producer has a wide choice and uses the best ingredients including casing from It is definitely worth trying.

Bunch o’ Berries Fruit Snacks

by Horizon Organic

Big fruity flavor comes in small packages. Don’t be surprised if the kids are craving these any time of day.

Can’t go wrong with fruit snacks and this was no exception!

Extreme Daily Dose of Dark Chocolate

by NibMor

This deliciously dark chocolate doesn’t mess around. 80% cocoa, organic and more than a little addictive.

LOTS of dark chocolate in this box and it all went to Mom!

Salmas Crackers

by Sanissimo

After tasting these deliciously crispy bites, you’ll swear there must be some magic hidden in those five ingredients.

These were pretty good!

Dark Chocolate Hazelnut Mini Bar


Chocolate, nuts and oats. A flavor combination that never gets old – especially when there are no GMOs and zero gluten.

More for Mom… she enjoyed.

Beef & Pork Pepperoni Seasoned Meat Stick

by Field Trip

13 units of Field Trip Beef & Pork Pepperoni Seasoned Meat Stick

The perfect boost of protein in a seasoned, salty package, with zero gluten and seriously addictive flavor.

This meat stick was nothing to write home about.  Decent.

Peppermint Bark Bar

by Baron Chocolatier

A flavor combination that the holidays just wouldn’t be the same without. But with no GMOs, there’s practically no guilt.

Also gave this to Mom. She liked it.

Baked Mac n’ Cheese Puffs

by Snikiddy

12 Bags of Zesty Baked Mac n’ Cheese Puffs by Snikiddy

The cheesy, comforting flavor you love in light, airy puffs you can take anywhere!

I’ve had these before as well and it takes a second to realize its not Mac and Cheese but they are good.

Ginger Snaps

by Lucy’s

12 Mouth Watering bags of Ginger Snaps by Lucy’s

Just sweet enough with a little kick of spice. Perfect for the season, or basically anytime you’re craving a cookie.

Love ginger snaps!