I have been so tired after this back-to-back run of shows I never bothered to write up a review. So here goes nothing… Usually I like to write reviews when the show is still fresh in my mind but I failed at that for these two shows.

As part of Foxwoods 25th Anniversary they kicked it off with a couple of free shows. One being Kesha on a Wednesday night at the Grand Theater. ┬áThere were 3 ways to get tickets – win them from the radio, win them from Foxwoods text contest or wait in line all day for tickets. I ended up winning them from Foxwoods text contest a couple days before the show.

I really wouldn’t have called myself a Kesha fan before the show – I knew her songs from the radio but if you told me I’d be going to see her in concert I’d probably have told you you were crazy. But all that has changed now. Kesha put on an amazing show and I hope that all her legal troubles get figured out soon – she said she has 73 songs written that she can’t put out because of all the crap going on between her, her label and Dr Luke.

Kesha played all her hits but a lot of them she did in new arrangements. She had checked her paperwork and was still allowed to play them but wanted to mix things up a bit. She also threw in some covers – appropriately the first one was “You Don’t Own Me” as well as Britney’s “Til The World Ends” (which she wrote so im not sure if its technically a cover) and some Dolly Parton for good measure as well.

Favorite Lyric change: “Boys trying to touch my junk. Fuck you Donald Trump!”

Thursday night Mohegan Sun had an exclusive invite only show with 80s legend Rick Astley. I had thought that I only knew the song famous for “Rick Rolling” Never Gonna Give You Up – but I forgot all about Together Forever as well!

He had an opener Harrison Kipner who kept going on about how big the arena was. They had the arena set up has a half-house and no one was in the upper level but considering the smaller venues on the rest of Rick’s tours – it was pretty impressive. (And maybe some day he will play it at full capacity!)

Rick did some of his tracks from his new album and mixed in some covers as well – including ACDCs Highway To Hell which he played the drums during! ┬áHe even did a mashup with a Rihanna song as well.


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