My year with Love With Food is slowly coming to an end.  This is November’s box.  December will be the last one though I’m not sure when that review will be posted as I shuffled posts and these got pushed back because I am so slow at trying the snacks!


Cinnabon Popcorn

by Wise

Never be without the heavenly taste of cinnamon rolls again with this on-the-go poppable snack with all the sugary and comforting goodness you know and love.

I was hoping for more cinnamon taste on this popcorn, but it wasn’t bad.  Popcorn and Cinnabon are a few of my favorite things 🙂

Pretzel Crisps

by Snack Factory

Classic pretzel taste made into the perfect vehicle for any dip or spread. All it needs is a little imagination.

I’ve had these before and absolutely love them.  I’m tempted to buy a large bag of them, but also worried I may eat them all in one sitting.

Chocolate Bar

by AWAKE Chocolate

Like you needed another excuse to nom on some chocolate – but this is a great one. This bar has as much caffeine as a cup of coffee, so say goodbye to the afternoon slump!

I didn’t feel much more AWAKE after eating this, but it was good.

SuperFruit Fruit Snacks

by Tasty Brand

12 Units of Tasty Brand Fruit Snacks

These are no ordinary fruit snacks: these are organic, acai and superfruit-boosted, perfect-for-any-age treats.

You can never go wrong with fruit snacks.

Peanut Butter Crackers

by Bell Plantation

Classic peanut butter taste, simple ingredients, and the perfect crunch. Get ready to meet your new favorite snack.

I’ve yet to try these, even though I am all about peanut butter! I’m sure I’ll like them.

Peanuts Power Pack

by Hubs

The perfect protein-packed power-up snack, with a touch of salt. Peanuts just got turned up.

Great protein pick me up, though a bit salty.

Chocolate Banana Bar

by Nutryttiva

12 Units of Chocolate Banana Bar by Nutryttiva

Don’t believe a bar made with just seven ingredients could be such an explosion of banana flavor? You will.

Mom tried this one and was not a fan.  I’m not sure what it is about us and anything in these boxes containing banana. *shrug*

Chocolate Ginger Chews

by GoOrganic

Rich and chocolate-y with a touch of spice, not to mention zero GMOs and 100% organic ingredients. No reason to feel guilty about splurging on a few of these.

These were great, just enough spice since I don’t really like spice that much and very tasty!