We show love for the important people in our lives in a lot of different ways, and sometimes it might come off just a little bit… wicked. Maybe you love to tempt your friends and family with irresistible indulgences like cookies or candy?  Well, we think that’s the best type of wicked. So go ahead, be a little extra wicked this month with your Love with Food box… if you dare!

Sweet Chili & Sour Cream White Bean Chips
By Beanitos
Spicy and cool, salty and creamy – these chips pack in flavor like you wouldn’t believe

Mom tried these and enjoyed.

Garden Fresh Salsa White Bean Chips
By Beanitos
Taste meets genius in these chips with no need for dipping, and all the fresh spicy flavor you know and love built right in

Mom tried these as well but preferred the others.

Presidents Educational Snacks
By Dick + Jane Baking Company
Snacktime and learning all at once. What more could you want from a nut-free whole grain cracker?

I love all of these educational crackers that have come in my boxes. Taste great and you can learn too.

Almond Roca Buttercrunch Toffee
By Brown & Haley
While it’s hard to go wrong with chocolate candy, chocolate combine with almonds and toffee is about as right as candy could possibly be

This was very tasty.

Apple Caramel
By Annie B’s
This rich and buttery treat is the definition of indulgence. Is there any flavor combination more classic than caramel and apple, really?

Ooey, Gooey and delicious!

Original Chai Tea Latte Mix
By Oregon Chai
A warm blanket, Netflix and a cup of this soothing tea. Sounds like a perfect fall afternoon? We think so too.

Still waiting for the perfect afternoon for this but I am looking forward to trying it!

Fig Spread
by Divinia
Fruity and sweet, this Mediterranean treat is perfect to pair with cheese – although it’s really delicious with anything

Mom tried this. She loves fig.

Whole Wheat Snack Crackers
by Westminster Cracker Company
Don’t think getting whole wheat into your diet could be delicious? These poppable, crunchy bites are here to prove you oh-so-wrong.

Definitely yummy snack crackers.

Granola Bar
By AWAKE Energy
As much caffeine as a half a cup of coffee and zero artificial colors. Go ahead, give yourself a little boost

This was good, but I didn’t feel any sort of boost from it.