Virtual Race: Harry Potter Run 2016

Race Title: Harry Potter Run 2016
Distance: 5k
Company: Geek’d Out Runners
Charity: Intermountain Healing Hearts


This is the 2nd Harry Potter Run from Geek’d Out Events. Last year was the first one with a Gryffindor Crest and Harry Potter’s glasses.  This year was Ravenclaw and Luna’s glasses.  I wonder if the other two houses will follow the glasses theme.   I can’t think of any other characters in those houses with glasses that would be recognizable off hand… hmm. I’ve been told that in 2018 after all 4 houses have been completed, they will open up them all again so you can get any of the 4 you may have missed.  Hopefully I’ll still be racing in 2018 – but even if I am not, I am technically a “Slytherclaw” so this is half my house.

Category: Virtual Races
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