As I’ve mentioned before, Hanson has an EP called “Play” coming out October 10.  If you pre-order the EP on you can get a download of one of the tracks – “Do You Believe In Love”.  The EP is available as a digital download for $7 or if you are a Member, as a part of an LP set paired up with this years Members Only CD, “Loud” (Get it, L. P. Loud. Play)

Play was recorded both in studio and live in Tulsa as a part of Hanson Day weekend so yes I am in the crowd you hear singing at the end (and you can also apparently see me in part of this video as well!)  I am digging the song, although it started out in a stream of them recording Loud as what seemed like more of a Zac piano ballad so it is kind of interesting to see it go from that to a The Darkness / Queen inspired track – one of the fastest tracks they’ve ever recorded.

I am looking forward to hearing the whole EP in October – it includes a track that we didn’t get to participate on called “Freak Out” and based on the clips of the songs in the store, they’re all going to be pretty great and I hope they make it into the setlists down in Disney!

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