Wednesday night the Honda Civic Tour / Future Now Tour made a stop at the Mohegan Sun Arena in Uncasville (or, based on the hashtags they were encouraging us to use on the screens, Hartford.)  Before the show, Nick Jonas had a soundcheck Party for those who pre-ordered his album through his website.  Of course, this was Part I of Christine and Katie do stupid things (for that day – I’ve lost count of how many we’re at now) and arrived at the venue at 2:15, as we were told… and spent the rest of the day waiting in line.

Mike Posner was the opening act, who I was not at all looking forward to seeing. His set appeared to be relatively short – until he sat at the end of the stage for a bit and then started… a poem of sorts that started with “I am Jesus Christ” (read a sort of transcript here:  To me, it didn’t seem like the right place or the right time and if we didn’t love distractions he wouldn’t have a career and a million dollars to spend on girls and shoes (distractions!) It just totally rubbed me the wrong way and I was left so dumbfounded over it, I kind of couldn’t get into Nick’s set for a bit because I was still just like… wtf?  Seriously regretted our earlier plans to miss his set after that!!

Nick started off the show, then Demi and they did some songs together as well.  At one point Nick was giving Demi a compliment, I think he said that she had been singing her ass off, but Demi couldn’t hear him so he had to repeat it.  The stage set up was really cool too, the backdrop of the stage was basically a giant screen – filled with all sorts of imagery throughout the sets and of course – BACON.

Overall it was a really fun tour and I am glad that we had such great seats to check it out!

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