Race Title: The Road To Hana
Distance: 59.5miles
Company: Make Yes Happen

This was the first virtual race I signed up for. It took me from April 4th through May 31 to finish.  I did what some refer to as “double dipping” and did this longer race while I was doing shorter ones as well. I am trying to stop doing this, but Make Yes Happen has so many great ones going on, some much longer than others that it’s kind of hard to stop myself.  Plus, since I counted every step I took via my Jawbone Up – some of my extra walks for other 5ks were included in this as well.  But the great thing about virtual races is you can do it however you like and while some may not want to double dip – as far as I am concerned anything to get my motivated to walk more and get my legs stronger is a good thing.

Along the way there are mile markers that show you some of the things you may see if you were actually on the Road to Hana.  Just a note – these don’t always match up exactly to the mileage you may be at – but are separated every I believe it was 6 miles.  For instance – one mentioned being the halfway point when I wasn’t yet halfway, but they are trying to have the mile markers at set distances to give you something to strive for rather than be completely accurate – which is fine with me – it was just the extra motivation I needed on some days to go a little bit further!