After Mixtape Festival in Hershey Park was announced for 2016, there was a lot of speculation that a tour was in the works with 98 Degrees, Dream, O-Town and Ryan Cabrera.  I had hoped it would be true because Mixtape Festival was the one day in August I was already going to a concert.  Finally it was announced to be true – the “MY2K tour” would be happening in July & August.

In true “Go Big or Go Home” fashion, Christine and Katie do stupid stuff part 98 (see what I did there?) came in to fruition when we decided we’d be doing the ultimate VIP package which includes front row tickets and M&Gs with the bands on the tour.  Dream & OTown also announced their own additional VIP experiences and we opted to go for O-Towns which includes a pre-show concert.

To get myself even more hyped up for the show than I already am… I put together a playlist and I figured I’d share it.  Look for all the details on how our VIP experiences went in early August 🙂