Ooh La La La
Stop Me In My Tracks
No Rest For The Weary
Something Loud
Siren Call

Each year Hanson releases an EP to paid members of their fanclub.  This year they came up with the concept of “Loud” for the EP and I have to say that this is one of my favorite EPs in a long time.  I have been playing it on repeat on the way to and from work since I got it. (I can’t play it at work because the CD player on my work computer is busted, figures right?)  This EP also has a companion piece called “PLAY” which we recorded elements of in Tulsa last week and will be released on October 10th.  At the moment it will be available as a digital download or vinyl only, though we are “fighting” for a physical CD to be released as well since Loud is a CD and the cover art are supposed to be companion pieces.

I’m not sure what my favorite is on the EP – it seriously changes every hour – sometimes I’ll have Stop Me In My Tracks stuck in my head, most of the time it’s Something Loud (loud loud), I think the one stuck in my head the least has been Ooh la la la which may be because that is the one that they didn’t do a stream of when they were recording it, so I am the least familiar with it but that doesn’t make it any less great than the rest.

If you want to get your hands on this CD, and I recommend you do, you’ll have to join Hanson.net in 2016.  If not, it will go into the vault until 2018!