Is following a band on tour bad for your credit?

It seems like Experian sure thinks so. In this ad, it shows a girl who is in her 20s looking negative to lenders because she was irresponsible with credit cards – shopping and going out all the time. With Experian, she can better manage her credit and get lenders from places like to see her as responsible and as someone who would never rack up a lot of debt – AND someone who would never follow a band on tour…

Maybe I’ve never followed a band on a  FULL tour – but I do my fair share of seeing bands AND have great credit.  The key is – don’t charge more than you have! Do I use my credit card almost exclusively? Yes.  It’s more convenient for me and I have a couple of credit cards that get me points for things like flights and Disney vacations.  But I never charge more than I can afford to pay in any given month. And I’ve still managed to see my favorite band at least once on every US tour they have ever gone on. And I was told by a bank that I must have “awesome credit” because I was approved for the most she had ever seen in a credit line.  So you can have fun and not ruin your credit, you just have to be smart about it. (And maybe have a pretty sweet job too)

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