Overall, I thought that Idol did a pretty good job giving the series a sendoff this past week.  Although, I think the show(s) really should have been a bit longer.  Ideally, I’d have liked to see at least 13-14 weeks of Top __ episodes with past winners coming back to mentor or guest judge like they had Kelly do and maybe feature some of the other contestants more in a “where are they now?” type thing rather than have them just on stage for a minute when I couldn’t even make out who was who. (and apparently all of them weren’t even invited for that)

I also felt like this years crew got screwed a bit – there was no fun finale of them singing with other stars or anything like that since everything was so focused on the past contestants. And they don’t even get to tour either. Poor season 15.

Finale definitely needed more from the winners – I mean, the white guys with guitars medley of Bowie songs was cool – but these guys WON and you have Constantine singing more than them? I mean, cmon.  And Colton Dixon gets to sing his latest single?  (Kris was teasing in his show on Saturday that he should have kicked Carrie Underwood off the stage and said it was his time to promote HIS album and HIS tour lol)

I was bummed Dalton came in 3rd – but was also pretty much expecting it since LaPorsha and Trent were the front-runners from the get go. I was happy to see that Trent won, of the two, he was my pick.  I just hope that their careers take off… I don’t like Big Machine being in charge – Nick Fradiani STILL hasnt released an album and its been almost a year now.  Hopefully it’ll kick ass and get a ton of promo once it is actually released? For both Nick and Trent…

And of course… Ryan ending with “for now” was a nice touch to get people to keep talking about the show.  Will it be back in a new format? I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.


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