Experience Hendrix 2016 Tour

Thursday night the Experience Hendrix Tour came to the Oakdale.  I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect, but I really wanted to see Jonny Lang and Buddy Guy so I got tickets. Billy Cox, Buddy  Guy, Zakk Wylde, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Jonny Lang, Dweezil Zappa, Eric Johnson, Chris Layton, Mato Nanji, Noah Hunt, Henri Brown, Scott Nelson, Calvin Cooke, Chuck Campbell rotated out on stage playing Jimi Hendrix tunes.  The show lasted about 3.5 hours with an intermission in between Set 1 and Set 2.  (I’m not sure if the setlist below is 100% accurate but I am hoping that someone will update Setlist.fm with it soon and the widget will automatically update! I didn’t keep track and thought all the sets were the same from briefly looking at them before the show but they are not! I know for sure a couple songs are missing from this list)

The show was a lot of fun and all the of the musicians on the tour were really talented! It was also a lot of fun to see grown men “fangirl” (fanboy?) over Zakk Wylde.  I’m sure any of these guys would pick on me a TON for the bands that I fangirl for – but it was funny to see them doing basically the same things.  There was an X on the floor about 2 rows in front of me in the aisle and during the intermission I overheard a couple of guys going “Zakk is going to come out – and stand right here!” He did go out in the crowd before intermission a bit, but never did end up going to that X in our aisle…

I ended up leaving a bit early because it was a Thursday night so I only stuck around for Buddy’s first song.  Of course, the two I wanted to see were in Set 2! But if you are a fan of any of the musicians on the line up or even just a fan of Jimi this is definitely a tour that you should be checking out.

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