I guess I was not paying attention and did not realize that this week would be a DOUBLE elimination.  Of course I kind of picked 2 I wanted to/thought would go home after last week anyway – Gianna and Tristan.  In no particular order, 7 of the Top 8 sang.  Then it would be revealed who would be in the Bottom 3.  They would all also sing and the judges would decide who of the 3 would finish out the Top 8 singers.

Dalton was up first – and of course did another great song, this time Radioactive.  Based on the audience screams, I think he will be around a while.

Lee did Use Somebody, which was supposedly out of his comfort zone, but I didn’t really think it was that far off from what he usually does. I’d have loved to see him do something out of left field – like rework Mariah Carey or something like David Cook would have done.  He could still make it his style but it would be a bit “shocking”

Sonika did Kelly’s Since U Been Gone which is my least fave song, maybe ever.  I thought she started off too soft and I didn’t think this was her best at all, but it will be hard for her to top last week’s performance, I think.


MacKenzie did what I wanted Lee to do – a reworked Whitney song that fits his style.  I really wanted to like it, but the background vocals were coming out stronger than his at time which I didn’t like.

LaPorsha did Beyonce’s Halo – Another strong performance.  Is there really even anything to say about her?

Trent did When A Man Loves a Woman, I don’t like that they made him try to stop doing his faces! I loved the faces and they really made him, him.  Hopefully they come back!

Well, my pick of Tristan was wrong.  And I’m kind of glad because this week she did an AWESOME performance! Much, much better than last week


Bottom 3 – Olivia, Avalon, Gianna

Avalon – Earned It – No idea why she is in the bottom. LOVE HER! Hope she makes it through

Olivia – Trouble – I wasn’t a fan of this performance.

Gianna – If I Aint Got You – please go home.

Very pleased with the results. I was surprised when Olivia had gotten fast tracked to the Top 10 anyway. and I’ve obviously wanted Gianna to go home since Day 1.

My prediction is that Lee will go home.