Headliner: Hanson
Opener(s): Stealing Jane, Keaton Simons
Venue: Lupo’s Providence
Cost: $45


Great Divide
Been There Before
Crazy Beautiful
Hole in my Life
The Walk
This Time Around
Blue Sky
If Only
Running Man
Let Love Rule
Your Illusion
Penny and Me
Lost Without Each Other
Something Going Round
Never Been To Spain
Watch Over Me


Recap: I know I took photos at this show because I remember wrapping my camera in my overnight clothes and that is how I snuck it in. Cannot find them for the life of me now.  They’ll probably turn up after I post this.  This was the night we almost went down a one way the wrong way.   We also ended up walking down the  street behind Zac and his wife, who had apparently gone up the street to pick up the latest Harry Potter book before heading to the show. (Doors were already opened when we arrived)  This show was also the day after my birthday so that was a lot of fun too!


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