This is not the first Jammy Jams lullaby album that I have reviewed and it probably won’t be the last, but I have to say that Pop Goes Lullaby 6 is probably my favorite one yet.  I have been having trouble sleeping lately and I was asleep about 4 songs in on this one.  It is filled with lullaby (instrumental) versions of some of the most popular songs on Top 40 radio.  I honestly didn’t think there would ever be a rendition of Can’t Feel My Face that I would ever enjoy – but one that can help lull me to sleep is definitely something that I am a fan of.  Great for babies or adults.


1. Hello (Lullaby Rendition of Adele)
2. Can’t Feel My Face (Lullaby Rendition of The Weeknd)
3. What Do You Mean? (Lullaby Rendition of Justin Bieber)
4. Lean On (Lullaby Rendition of Major Lazer & DJ Snake)
5. Good For You (Lullaby Rendition of Selena Gomez)
6. Elastic Heart (Lullaby Rendition of Sia)
7.Cheerleader (Lullaby Rendition of OMI)
8. Fight Song (Lullaby Rendition of Rachel Platten)
9. The Hills (Lullaby Rendition of The Weeknd)
10. Worth It (Lullaby Rendition of Fifth Harmony)

I received a free copy of this album in order to write this review. I was not otherwise compensated.

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