Bright Lights
Slow Rising
Never Get Over You
Hands On Me
So Bad
Modern Hearts
Once You Were Mine
First Loves

I got to listen to this CD a bit early – because Paul did a lot of the tracks live on the Roots and Rock N Roll Tour when I saw him open for Hanson.  The CD was technically released in the middle of last month, but I got my copy earlier since I pledged on his kickstarter project to help him earn the funds to record it.  Before listening to it – I could have told you my favorite track would have been Renegades – my favorite of his set from tour.  After listening to the CD over and over for several hours, Renegades was still my favorite. This seems to be a very vulnerable and personal release for Paul – after a whirlwind romance to Nikki Reed they got divorced and Nikki quickly married Ian Somerholder. Now Paul is left to pick up the pieces of himself and you can tell that he is working on it by listening to the lyrics of his songs.

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