With the dates for Hanson Day (aka “MOE” or Members Only Event) having been announced for 2016 I thought I’d put something together to help those who have never gone before since a lot of the same questions have been asked.

This year Hanson Day will be celebrated on May 20 & 21st and The Hop Jam will be on May 22nd in Tulsa, OK.

In order to go – you must be a paid member.  If you’re not yet, join.  If you are reading this and it is 2015, get a 2015 membership.  If it is 2016 when you are reading this, get a 2016 membership.  Those of you who join in 2015 will receive the 2015 “Inside the Box” EP in the mail.  The 2016 EP will be released at Hanson Day weekend and can be picked up there by members who have paid their membership fees through 2017.  So if you paid for your membership in 2015, while you’ll be a valid member through May 2016 to attend MOE, you won’t be able to pick up your new kit UNLESS you renew early. (A cut off date is usually announced, but I’d suggest to do it in or before April)  Your membership will be good for another year from the date you originally joined and you’ll get to pick up the kit and take it home with you at MOE.

For example – if you joined December 18, 2015 as a 2015 member your membership would be good through December 18, 2016. (This date can be found on your account profile page.)  If you renew for 2016 on April 1, your membership will be extended to December 18, 2017 thus making you eligible to pick up the 2016 member kit at MOE 2016.

Where to Stay

Most of the events happen in the Brady Arts District in Downtown Tulsa.  The closest hotel is the Fairfield Inn.  This hotel is pretty small so it books up fast.  There is also the Hyatt about a mile walk away that is much bigger, but is either sold out for the weekend already, or has not yet released all the rooms.  These are the only hotels I have personally stayed at but there are several others within a mile or two of the area. I have heard a new hotel just opened by the BOK Center which is probably a mile or two from all the activities.  Hotels that do not have a shuttle from the airport will be about a $20-$30 cab or uber ride.

Do I Need a Car?

This depends on what you want to do.  If you are coming in early or staying later and want to explore more of Tulsa, I’d say yes.  If you are only coming in for Fri-Sun, you will probably be kept busy with so many Hanson activities that you won’t really need one if you are staying within walking distance.  If you are attending movie night – this is a distance from the rest of the activities and you will either need a car or to take a cab or uber there.

When Should I Come?

Activities with Hanson won’t officially kick off until about noon-time on Friday, but typically Thursday afternoon you are able to check in to the event and get your wristband as well as go shopping at the Hanson store.  In the past items have sold out after Thursday and were not restocked. This year they did end up getting everyone for sale online as well so it’s up to you.  As I mentioned above, if you want to see more of Tulsa you should either come early or stay later as they do tend to keep the weekend jam-packed with activities.

What activities are free?

All activities require a Membership ($40+shipping).  Free with your RSVP is access to the Hanson Store, access to the Hanson Gallery, Photos with the band, Access to State of the Band, and the Members Only Concert.

The Hop Jam concert on Sunday is also free and open to the public (so you do not need to be a member to attend) and this past year they did offer VIP Upgrades which gave you access to the beer garden early as well as merchandise.

What are the add on activities and how much are they?

Use these prices as an estimate as they are subject to change. Once they are released for sale, tickets will be in the store for those who RSVPed.

Movie Night – $12
Fan Club Dinner – $22 (Friday night and Saturday night, choice of Caz’s Chowhouse and Mexicali’s)
Street Team Leaders Dinner – $22 (available for street team leaders only)
Lectures / After Party – $25 (This is a packaged deal which gets you access to Isaac, Taylor and Zac’s lectures as well as the after party after the members only concert. They are not available separately)
Bowling – $50 (this also includes a t-shirt)

What does the schedule typically look like?

This is a break down based on 2015’s event to give you an idea.

Registration beginning at 4pm
Store opened at 4pm

Registration began at 9am
Store opened at 9am
Gallery opened at 9am
Group Photos 12pm-2pm
Lectures Doors 2pm Talks 3-7 pm
Fan Club Dinner 8pm (Caz’s & Mexicali’s)
ST Leader Dinner 8pm
Movie Night 10:30pm

Store opened at 9am
Gallery opened at 9am
Bowling 9am-12pm (Each team will be assigned their bowling time / lane)
Registration begins at 1pm
State of the Band Doors 3pm, Talk 4pm
Fan Club Dinner 6pm (Caz’s & Mexicali’s)
Concert Doors 7pm, Show 8pm
After Party 10:30pm

The Hop Jam gates opened at 3pm

Where Should I Fly To?

Tulsa has an International Airport (TUL) that is serviced by many airlines. Oklahoma City is a couple of hours away and also has an airport. I am not sure the best way to get from OKC to Tulsa without renting a car – if anyone has experience let me know and I will add it in!

How Is The Weather?
Unpredictable.  Pack for all seasons.  Some years have been rainy, windy and cold, others have been so hot that you wish you packed a pair of shorts and some years have been all of the above all wrapped into one.  I’ve had years I brought nothing but a hoodie and regretted it, years I packed only jeans and regretted it and finally this year I found a happy medium with shorts, capris and jeans all in my bag!

RSVP is now up on – Just go to the calendar page once you are logged in to click the button to RSVP!  If you later realize you are no longer able to go, just click it again to un-RSVP.  Confirmations of who is on the RSVP list will be posted on much closer to the event.

If you have any questions that were not covered here – please leave a comment and I will do my best to answer! I have visited Tulsa for Members Only Events every year since 2009 so I guess I am a bit of a “veteran”


5 thoughts on “So, You Want To Go To MOE?”
    1. If you have a team you can submit all their names to but anyone who doesn’t have a team will be put on a team by the staff.

  1. Awesome! Thanks, Katie. I think it’s gonna be very helpful for me this year. This is my 1st time attending Hanson Day.

  2. Do you know on average how many people attend? Also, I am curious if the lectures or bowling have a cap on them? I really don’t want to miss out on the lectures! Thanks for putting this together, it is very helpful!

    1. The RSVP list generally has around 1000+ names on it, of course all who RSVP don’t end up attending. The lectures do have a cap but it is a very large cap and it has never sold out before, but that doesn’t mean it won’t. (Since they are held in the same venue as the concert capacity for lectures is close to capacity for the concert) Bowling has a much smaller cap – I’m not sure the exact number but I would guesstimate under 150. This typically sells out very quickly.

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