The Beginning
Before You
Down In History
I Am Always Going To Love You
Don’t Mess With My Girl
I Want You Anyway
Thank God
More Than Me
You and I
Let Go
Walk Away

 I’m not sure that I’ve ever fallen in love so quickly with a new album like I have with Like Us before.  A lot of the songs on this album remind me of the Jon that I fell in love with back in 2007 with his album Indiana.  Not to say that the stuff in between has been bad, but there is just something about this album that seemed familiar which may be why I love it so much.  Typically in these reviews I like to list out my favorite songs – but honestly if I did that it would be about 90% of the album.  It would be easier for me to tell me what songs I *don’t* love. (None of them!)   This album came out on October 9th and I encourage you all to check it out.  Jon is also on tour NOW… be sure to check out for all the details. I’ll be seeing him in about a month and you can expect a full report sometime after!

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