reptileThe class has been learning about reptiles and have been assigned to draw their favorites by their teacher. Kamal doesn’t like reptiles so he doesn’t really want to draw any, but ends up drawing a small gecko.  Then the teacher, Ms. Crosby, surprises the class and lets them know that they will be taking a trip to the museum to see the reptile show!  Everyone is excited, except Kamal.   He wants to tell the teacher he is afraid and doesn’t want to go on the trip, but can’t seem to do it. He spends the night having nightmares.  He thinks if he hides the form from his Mom, he can’t go on the trip, but his Mom finds it.  Kamal tells his Mom the trip is too expensive so he will stay home, but his Mom insists he should go on the trip and make memories.   Finally, Kamal dropped his boots and told everyone he was afraid.  Ms. Crosby tells him that if she stays with him as his partner, will he still go on the trip? Because she is afraid of geckos and needs someone brave with her.  Kamal says that she should have told him before!  Then on the bus, all the kids in his class told each other what they were afraid of.  Then, while at the reptile show, Kamal volunteered to hold a baby alligator!

This is a great book about communication and teaching kids to talk about their fears.  Maybe they will then realize that they are not the only one afraid of things and can then be brave and try to over come them!

I received a free e-copy of this book in order  to write this review, I was not otherwise compensated

About the Book

Kamal is almost as afraid of being teased as he is of meeting a snake. The second book in the new I’m A Great Little Kid series, developed by Boost Child & Youth Advocacy Centre.
Kamal tries everything to avoid his school trip to the live reptile exhibit – everything except admitting that he is scared. His fear of being teased is almost as big as his fear of reptiles. Finally, in desperation, Kamal communicates his fears in a way everyone understands, and is able to get the confidence he needs to face his fears.

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