nevergiveupIn Never Give Up, Shaun is trying to ride his bike, but keeps falling.  Nadia sees him struggling but isn’t sure what to do.  When 4 kids come and start picking on Shaun, Nadia doesn’t do anything, even though she wants to help Shaun.  After they leave, Nadia apologizes.  Shaun says that he will never give up and will learn to ride the bike.  Nadia goes home and tells her Dad that she feels bad about what happened and asks if he can go with her tomorrow to help Shaun learn to ride a two wheeler.  He agrees and teaches Shaun.  Then Shaun agrees to teach Nadia how to jump rope and Nadia’s Dad joins in too, as well as the brats who were picking on Shaun the day before.

This is a great lesson in not giving up with your dreams!

I received a free e-copy of this book in order to write this review, I was not otherwise compensated.

About the Book

With persistence and courage, nothing is impossible.
Shaun is strong enough to know that even things that don’t come easily can be mastered through determination and hard work. Learning to ride his two-wheeler with the help of his friend Nadia, he overcomes his fear and the teasing of the other children in the park and manages to impress friends and bullies alike.

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