The pocket disc is the most versatile disc on earth. All cotton and very packable, it is the ultimate travel toy – people love playing anywhere from music festivals to indoor with their kids on a rainy day.  Dogs love ’em too! (And they won’t chip their teeth or cut their gums!) As a play toy the Pocket Disc will last for years for your dog.  The pocket disc comes in a wide variety of beautiful ethnic patterns as well as team color combos and have a wide range of peculiar and practical uses and games.

There are 4 styles available: Indoor, Sports, Beast and El Grande.  For this review I received the Sports Edition based on random selection.  The indoor disc is 7in, Sport is 7.25in, Beast 8in and el Grande 8in.  They come in a variety of colors and styles including the american flag, canadian flag, colorado flag, a smiley face and many many more. (You can check them out at

The sports disc is heavier, fly further and are more geared towards outdoor and high action play.  The disc came with 6 game/use ideas including: Ceiling Fan 500, Soft Seat, Pocket Disc Bowling, Duck Huntin’, Cozier Coozie and Cobweb Cleaner. Yes, you can fling it at those pesky hard to reach areas at the house to help clean!  To see even more uses, check out their website:

I had a lot of fun playing with this disc and flinging it around the back yard (and in the house. shhh.)  It can fly pretty far and is really easy to throw.  It’s also flat and easy to pack and would be a lot of fun when tailgating before a concert!

The story of how the company started it pretty cool.  At 9 years old, Savanna had to crochet a doily for school. She added too many stitches at the outer edge and it caused a lip to form.  It sat on the table at their house for a year when a family friend picked it up and tossed it across the room.  The two played catch for an hour and almost a year later decided that this disc that reminded them of a cross between a hippie hat and a hacky sack may be able to become something.  They realized that these hacky sacks came from Guatemala and ended up forming relation ships with village-based production groups to help create the discs.  Savanna holds the patent on the disc and they have been able to give back and support the lives of the Maya who create the disc. In 2011 they installed water filtration systems in 20 different villages. They are also a Green Certified Business so in addition to buying a pocket disc to have fun, you can buy a pocket disc to help give back and better our environment!


I received a free product in exchange for this honest review. I was not otherwise compensated.

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