I love the look of candles but am always too nervous to actually have an open flame anywhere near me.  Well, today I’ve solved that problem.  I’m here to tell you about Mars Flameless Tealights. In addition to looking more like a real wax candle than any other battery operated tealight I’ve seen, they also have a timer feature on them which is awesome!  This is perfect if you’re putting candles in every window for the holidays – you turn them on when you want them to go on and they stay on for 6 hours.  Then they automatically turn off for 18 hours.  An easy way to have your house lit up at night without you having to run around to every window to turn them off every morning!

You get a dozen tea lights in each box and all of them come with their own battery fitted.  That way you can start using them as soon as they arrive, rather than having to hunt down batteries right away.  You’ll only need to replace them once they run out of power, and the bottom of each candle has an easy to open battery door to access the battery to replace them.

Also purchases come with free faux rose petals to use along with your candles to make anything a bit more romantic 🙂

12 Flameless Candles With Timer Function 6hrs On 18 hrs Off – Battery Operated Tea Lights- Free Faux Rose Petals – Flickering White LED Tealights 1.4″X1.4″ Height For Wedding. Premium Quality By Mars

You can buy your own set here: http://superurl6.com/965590b41dab076 and be sure to use DVX5IJNX to get 25% off!

The Flameless Tealights come with a full one year return policy, only available in Amazon, so if the product stops working due to functionality issue, the Marsians Storefront will replace with another box of tea lights. Available only in Amazon.

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