twinkiesThe Twinkies Cookbook is celebrating 85 years of twinkies! This book contains all sorts of recipes using twinkies – including twinkies + cake, + pie, + fruit, + chocolate, + cream, + meat and + novelty. ┬áThe book starts out with a bit of history on the tasty treat – of course talking about how the company went bankrupt in 2012 and many were unsure of the fate of the golden tasty treats! Fortunately in 2013 they were saved and back on the shelves to be enjoyed, hopefully for years to come.

All of the recipes in this book sound (and look) mighty tasty – but I’ll narrow it down to a few favorites that I may have to try making – Twinkie Strawberry Shortcake, Twinkie Toast Pie, Twinkie Orange Bavarian Dream, Twinkie Burritos, Twinkie Bomb, Chicken and Winkies, and French Twinkies.

I’m not sure all the meat recipes are something I would try though. But maybe for those of you who are more adventurous they would be something to try! I figure Chicken and Winkies is a safe enough bet, since I eat chicken & waffles.

I received a free e-copy in order to write this review. I was not otherwise compensated.

About the Book

A comeback cookbook for the perennially popular snack cake, with 50 unique sweet and savory recipes that highlight the whimsical nostalgia of America’s favorite dessert.

For more than 80 years, Twinkies have captivated the cravings of Americans both young and old. The Twinkies Cookbook, Second Edition explores the snack cake’s heritage in the United States while celebrating its popularity in recipes for snacks both sweet and savory. For the first edition, Hostess urged Twinkie-aficionados across the nation to submit their favorite dishes featuring the cream-filled sponge cake. This new edition compiles the best of these colorful concoctions with 25 new recipes and additional photography. From a Twinkie-filled take on chicken and waffles to Twinkie pumpkin pie, these surprising and innovative recipes are a small slice of Americana that will be a hit with Twinkies fans across the country.

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