Scar Girl is the sequel to Scar Boys, which I had not read. However, that didn’t make a difference as Scar Girl works as a stand alone book as well. The book is written in interview format – with the interviewer talking to the band The Scar Boys.  Each section of the book starts with a question and then one of the characters goes a bit more in depth to tell the story.

The Scar Boys is made up of Harry – who was struck by lightning and has scars on his face, Johnny who was in an accident and lost his leg, Richie and Chey.  Chey finds out she is pregnant and is keeping it a secret, but Richie figures out what is going on. A little while later, Chey finds herself bleeding a lot and heads to Planned Parenthood to find out she is having a miscarriage. Again, Richie figures out what is going on – but not the rest of the band – and Johnny was the father.

This starts a downward spiral for Chey, as she decides that she needs to drink to wash the pain away and her playing in the band is suffering because of it.  Despite a bad performance, a guy named Jeff wants to be the bands manager. He tells them that they are not to hang out with each other outside the band, for the sake of the band.  Of course, then he ends up sleeping with Chey.

When something tragic happens, the band must once again decide if they can power through or if it is time to call it quits.

I really liked this book I thought it would be more about Chey since she is the “Scar Girl”, but it was really more about the band as a whole. It was a quick read, I liked the “interview” style of it too.

I received a free e-copy in exchange for this review.

About the Book

Love, music, and heartbreak take the stage in Len Vlahos’s follow-up to The Scar Boys.

Told as an interview with the band after they reach the pinnacle of success, readers will hear from Cheyenne, Harry, and Richie as they discover the ups and downs of being a rock musician, complete with meltdowns on stage and fights that test the limits of the band.

This is the Scar Boys in their own words.

What defines you?

You mean aside from my face?

I guess I’d say that I’m not good at asking people for help.

How the hell should I know? What defines you?

Praise for The Scar Boys:

“Distinguished in every way.”- School and Library Journal *Starred Review

“…wry, stylish tale” —The New York Times

“Etches its way onto the heart and leaves a mark.”-Kirkus Reviews

“Compelling. This book not only captures the feeling of what it is like to form a band, but also the reasons why you form a band. It took me back to that time of being a van on my very first tour.” – Peter Buck, R.E.M.

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