Throwback Thursday: Tyler Hilton 6/12/05

Headliner: Tyler Hilton
Opener(s): None
Venue:  Smiles Entertainment Milford, CT
Cost: Free


Pink & Black
Letter Song
When It Comes
Kiss On Me
Radio Medley
How Love Should Be


This show was put on by a radio station so it was free! It was also the first (and I think only) time I actually got a photo with Tyler. (Which is funny because he sat next to me to sign after a concert once and I never bothered to ask him for a photo!)¬† Tyler seemed to be exhausted, he had been doing a lot of traveling. I also remember feeling like I was way too old to be there based on the rest of the crowd! (I still feel that way at Tyler shows now that I think about it…)

Where Are They Now:

Still making music and also appears on Extant which is coming back soon if it isn’t back already!


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