Lately I’ve been taking lunch to work more and more and have been having trouble trying to figure out how to transport it to work safely. Then I was introduced to Sunsella Bento Style Plastic Lunch Boxes.
These boxes come with 4 different colored lids so if you want to make sure your family members grab the right lunch in the morning you can assign colors to them. These boxes make it easy to plan your lunches in advance, get them packed and stack them in the fridge until it is time to go to work.  The boxes are dishwasher save and one size fits all – can be used for adults or children’s lunches.
Each box has 3 compartments so you don’t have to worry about food mixing in the container – easily fit your meal and a snack inside. Boxes are BPA free, phthalate free and lead free. These boxes have been tested to ensure they meet strict FDA standards and are safe for your family.
In addition to being used a lunch boxes you can use them to serve dips & appetizers, take them on the go on a road trip and fill them with snacks, store baby food in the freezer (the boxes stack to take up less room!), store snacks or candy, freeze leftovers, take them on a picnic OR use them for reasons unrelated to food such as arts and craft supply storage or to separate legos or other small toys!
These boxes are NOT leakproof, so keep that in mind when packing them. They are microwave, dishwasher and freezer safe. They can be stacked to take up less room when storing them.
Dimensions: Length 9.5 x width 6.2 x height 2.2 inches – 1st compartment: 3 1/2 cups, 2nd compartment: 1 1/3 cups, 3rd compartment: 1 cup.

1. Buddy Box’s are not leakproof, therefore, be very careful when using to store liquids
2. Store upright where possible, for added security a rubber band can be used to secure lid
3. Baking paper or plastic wrap can be placed under lid to help protect against spills
4. Leave corner open when in microwave to allow steam to vent
5. Leave room for expansion in freezer and allow food to thaw slightly before removing lid

I received a free product in exchange for this review. I was not otherwise compensated.

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