Recently I got the chance to try out Mighty Plugs, the “World’s Finest” Ear Plugs. I decided to truly get an idea of how they worked, they needed to be used at the NKOTB concert I went to.  These ear plugs are different than all the other ones I have used in the past because they are moldable. They are not made of foam and silicone like all the others I have tried, instead they are made from natural ingredients: pure beeswax, sterile cotton and purified lanolin.

All you need to do is open your ear plug package and play with them in between your thumb and forefinger for a bit to get them ready to form to your ear. If you are using them for a child, you can pinch off the amount that you need in order to make a smaller earplug. (This works for adults with smaller ear canals as well) and you’re not stuck with the “one size fits most” like the other ear plugs out there.

When you put the ear plug in your ear, it creates a seal. These can be used to block noise and to block water from your ears when swimming too! (Though I have yet to try them for this purpose.) They are also reusable and each pair can be used 30-35 times or even more and they last for years.

I did have some trouble getting a good seal with my left ear, but my right ear I had no problem with. After re-working the plug I finally got a good seal in both ears. I wore the earplugs for Nelly and at first I thought that they were distorting the sound, but once I removed the ear plugs to do a quick comparison I realized that the sound was distorted with or without the ear plugs.  The plugs really helped drown out all the screaming around me, but I was able to hear the performers on stage just as well (though a bit quieter) as I could without the earplugs in.
My only concern with these plugs is how to clean them if I drop them. With my other plugs I could just wipe them in my shirt if I had no other choice, but I’m not sure if these plugs would pick up on the fuzz from my shirt or not. (I didn’t drop them so I didn’t have to worry about cleaning them but it is bound to happen at some point!)
I received a free pair of earplugs to try out in order to write this review. I was not otherwise compensated.

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