Saturday night Idina Menzel brought her world tour to the Mohegan Sun Arena.  Upon entering the venue I was told that per request of the artist, no photography would be allowed. I was also told the same when I got to my seat so I respected that and did not take any photos during the show. I did snap a picture of the stage setup before the show though:

There was no opener and the show was set to start at 8pm but started closer to 8:20 or 8:30.  Idina sang a mixture of songs from her Broadway shows like Wicked, Rent and If/Then, as well as some tracks from her albums and some songs from some of her favorite female singers.  I had heard that her show may not be appropriate for children – and she did seem to censor herself a bit and at times told parents to cover their kids ears (when she was talking about how the gay men always compliment her ass and she loves them for it!)

She had a couple other covers mixed in as well – before she did Radiohead’s Creep she talked about how she has a lot of songs about overcoming but some days she doesn’t want to get out of bed and she doesn’t want to sing Let It Go.  She was kneeling on the stage and ended up laying down on it to sing Creep.

Take Me Or Leave me she had a man help her down off the stage and went into the crowd to have a sing a long. Everyone she chose (3 girls and a guy) had wonderful voices. She even gave a guy a hug and stepped in something that had spilled (she was barefoot) and wiped it on a chair like the classy long island girl she is. 😉 (her words!)  I saw on instagram someone on the floor said that she actually spilled the drink herself when she went to hug him and didn’t realize it.

Let It Go she had us all sing along over and over and over again – because our “Cold never bothered me anyway” line wasn’t good enough for her. She had some kids come up to sing too – she said they had to be under 7 to sing with her!  I felt kind of funny singing about the cold not bothering me because I never remember that the arena keeps the AC cranking and I was sitting there shivering!

Then she did some sort of mashup that only she could pull off and mixed Red Hot Chili Peppers “Give It Away” in with Let It Go to end her set.

She came out for a 2 song encore and at one point told us we were an amazing audience (she seemed very impressed with the arena being so big and so many people there) and said we were a little obnoxious too – which was a plus to her!

Idina sang for roughly an hour and a half. It was a fun show, I loved how interactive she was with the audience and how she ran through the crowd and just said what she wanted to say. She has an amazing voice and I am glad that I got to see her on her own. (I had previously seen her in Wicked, 10+ years ago!) If you’re on the fence about going – definitely go check her out!

I didn’t keep track of the setlist but I found this online and I am pretty sure it is accurate:

Defying Gravity
Don’t Rain On My Parade
I Stand
The Wizard and I
Love For Sale / Roxanne
There’s No Business Like Show Business / Anything Goes / Everything’s Coming Up Roses
Still I Can’t Be Still
Take Me Or Leave Me
No Day But Today
Always Starting Over
For Good (acapella)
Let It Go


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