It’s Disney time! I am still not finished scrapping September’s Disney trip, and the number of pages I have will no doubt keep the scrapbook posts full for the next month or so.  But I figured I wouldn’t keep you hanging any longer since you saw all the SVGs that I had cut out for these pages.  Some pages are really awesome, some look like I just threw them together to meet my goal for the month (which is probably true.)   I tried to journal a lot more for this trip than I usually do (ok, I never journal usually) but I’m not sure that the cards will show up big enough for you to read them. But, if you read my blog posts, you’ll pretty much know what I wrote about 🙂

Without further ado, Disney post #1 – Travel (Sorry these are kind of boring – flight tickets and magical express but best to get that out of the way early, right?)