Round and Round (Lullaby Rendition of RATT)
Dance the Night Away (Lullaby Rendition of Van Halen)
Kickstart my Heart (Lullaby Rendition of Motley Crue)
Sweet Child O’ Mine (Lullaby Rendition of Guns N Roses)
Wild Child (Lullaby Rendition of W.A.S.P)
I Won’t Forget You (Lullaby Rendition of Poison)
Cum On Feel The Noize (Lullaby Rendition of Quiet Riot)
Heaven (Lullaby Rendition of Warrant)
Too Young To Fall In Love (Lullaby Rendition of Motley Crue)
Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Love (Lullaby Rendition of Van Halen)

I cannot get enough of these Jammy Jams. Maybe because I just enjoy a good nap.  If you have a little one or not, you’ll enjoy these lullaby renditions of some of your favorite headbanging songs!  These are instrumental only renditions of some of your favorite heavy metal, rock and 80s songs. Perfect to put the little one to sleep – or in my case, yourself as well! I have to say I think my favorite from this compilation is Sweet Child O’ Mine.  Appropriate too for a lullaby!

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