ifyourenotIf You’re Not The One is about Jen Wright.  The book jumps around a lot from different time periods, but the main idea is that Jen was in an accident and is now in a coma.  While in the coma, she thinks about what led up to the accident and her life with her husband.  She is having all sorts of what if questions, wondering about what would have happened if she ended up marrying some of her earlier boyfriends so we find out about Aiden, Tim, Steve and Joe as well as Max.  The book bounces from her fantasy life with these other men and how it would have turned out, what children she would have had, etc. And present day where Max is by her side hoping she will soon wake up.

I have to say, I really was not a fan of this book. I didn’t like the jumping around, it made it confusing and difficult to follow at times.  And the ending was LAME! I may even say it didn’t really have an ending.  I wasted all this time reading the book just to be left hanging.

I received a free e-copy of this book in order to write this review.

About the Book

What if you could do it all over again?

Jennifer Wright is pretty sure her husband doesn’t love her anymore. She and Max used to be the perfect couple, but the pressures of work and kids have pulled them in opposite directions. Now , Jen is full of “what if” questions about whether her bland, suburban existence is all she was ever destined for.

When a terrible accident sends Jen into a coma, she is able to see what her life could have been if she had run off to Australia with the handsome, dangerous man she met on vacation, or if she had stayed with her workaholic college boyfriend. Would she ever have loved another child as much as she loves her daughters? Could she have become rich? More than anything, Jen wants to do the right thing for her family. But what she discovers may leave her with even more questions about the choices she made, and no easy answers about what to do next.

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