Let The Road
Wait on Me
Beautiful Excuses
Me and My Broken Heart
Hotel Ceiling
I Like Girls
We All Want The Same Thing
Make Out

I have been trying for so long to hold out on liking Rixton because they are signed with Scooter Braun and I fear they will end up taking the same path as The Wanted and I’m not sure I can handle that again.  There also seemed to have been another force making sure our paths didn’t cross because I won passes to meet them and wasn’t able to end up making it and I had a party to go to the night they were in town with Ariana Grande.  BUT I bought the CD to listen to on the way to that party and from the opening notes I was in love!  I guess I’ll just have to try and not get too attached now. (Famous last words)

The album is great, there are no songs that I skipped even after listening to it multiple times – and I think it has a couple of contenders on it for my “Dirty Boyband Playlist”!  Definitely a ConcertKatie recommended album, for sure!

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