When I travel, it is usually just for a weekend trip so I typically only pack a carry on.  That of course means that I have to keep all my liquids separate when flying.  When packing for my trip to Cancun in January I daydreamed about how amazing it would be to go completely without liquids and have everything in solid form.  Of course – soap is easy.  Take a bar of it instead of body wash.  Shampoo (and conditioner) seemed to be a bit harder, although I tend to bring the sample packets you get in the mail which are small and flat and I can usually get 2 uses out of each package.

But in my mission to see how to eliminate liquids I came across LUSH Solid Shampoo bars.  This was actually invented by LUSH.  I’m a little bit picky about shampoo (some leaves my hair just gross and flat and others leaves it far too poofy) so I didn’t want to buy this and bring it with me not having tried it out first.  The order actually came while I was away and now that the future is here… I have tried it out!

I bought 2 bars – Trichomania and Jumping Juniper.  While there will be some Trichomania photos in the gallery – the one that I used for review purposes in this post was Jumping Juniper.  Before I being – here is Leigh from LUSH with some tips and info on the Solid Shampoo Bars.

I had no problem getting the bar to lather in the shower – in fact it seemed to give me a better lather than most of my liquid shampoo did.  While washing my hair I felt like it was becoming clean and really couldn’t tell a difference once I was lathering my hair up that I had started with a solid shampoo bar.

Of course the real test was how I looked after it dried… And it looked just the same as it did with any other shampoo I’ve used!  So two thumbs up for this product and I am hopefully on my way to a liquid-less trip in the future!

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