I guess today is travel item tip day here at ConcertKatie! I am back with another great item from Dot&Dot.  This time an 18″ Packing Folder.  I had a heck of a time packing for my last trip in January, I couldn’t get the packing cubes to work how I wanted and things were just not organized without them.  So now I’m going to give the Packing Folder a try.  It holds up to 8-12 shirts or pants, minimizes wrinkles and maximizes space, keeps things organized AND comes with a folding board with folding instructions which is AWESOME. (I can’t fold to save my life which is probably why when I try to pack not using the roll method it is a disaster!)

There is a lot of velcro on this folder which was very helpful after I “stuffed” it full of clothes!  It also works great if you’re just going overnight and want to toss some clothes in a backpack with maybe your laptop and some books.  It keeps all the clothes separate in it’s own package so you don’t have to dig through everything to get out what you need – you can just grab it and take it to a bathroom to get changed into in the morning!

I received a free packing organizer in exchange for this honest review.

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