American Beauty / American Psycho
The Kids Aren’t Alright
Uma Thurman
Jet Pack Blues
Fourth of July
Favorite Record
Twin Skeleton’s (Hotel in NYC)

Fall Out Boy is not a band I typically listen to, outside of singles on the radio, but I figured since they had a new album come out I would check it out.  I made myself a massive playlist of 5 songs to review on a recent road trip to help pass the time (and to make sure I’d have no need to scan through radio to find new stations in every state!)  I have to say that the start of this CD really made me perk up and kept me hyped for the drive (even in the pouring rain)

I think that my favorite song on the CD is “Uma Thurman” and probably because it samples the theme song from The Munsters!

Overall I liked the CD and it’s definitely in the running for the new driving home late from a concert playlist that I’m working on!

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