SVGs are Scalable Vector Graphics which can be used with the Silhouette Studio Designer Edition. (This is an upgrade you need to purchase and doesn’t come with the Silhouette Studio download. I’ve heard of people getting their version from anywhere from $4.99 to about $50 – shop around you can probably find it in the $30 range)

You can make your own SVGs using the “Trace” tool in the Silhouette Studio software or you can use Inkscape (I made a tutorial a few years back on how to make custom shapes using Inkscape)  Alternately there are a lot of places on the internet where you can buy SVGs or if you find the right place, maybe even find some for free.

This post I am only showing files that I have purchased from PPBN Designs which is personally my favorite spot to get SVGs from – but I do use several other sites as well and am dabbling in creating more complicated designs myself. (Look for some posts of me explaining how I did them in the new year – provided it works out!)

Since my next big trip to scrap is Disney – that has been the items I have focused on, but with my membership to PPBN I am developing quite the collection of cute designs – just have  to find the right time to use them!

To cut them, I sort out all the pieces by color and then find a matching (or close to it) color from my paper stash.  One day I cut out 30 different Disney related images and then sorted out all the tiny pieces on the big reading chair in my room and then over the next few days pieced them all together (those are the ones featured in the photo album below).  Sometimes I will cut out just 1 character though I find it is best to do it in multiples (or cut out multiples of the same character for cards, etc.) so that you don’t have as much paper waste.

I have been using the Xyron Sticker Maker to put them together, but recently got a Zig pen to help out with any smaller pieces. Look for a post on that and the pros and cons soon 🙂

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