Since I was in middle school, I’ve had an American Girl doll.  For a while I was convinced it was possessed and it’s therefore been in the attic for a while.  With a lot of my friends having little girls I figured it might be time to take her back out and perhaps go to a tea party or two.  Now that I have the Liberty Belle Nightgown, it might also be time for a slumber party.  The nightgown is adorable, blue with bunnys on it. And a hair ribbon as well. (Although since I couldn’t find my doll’s brush I opted to leave her hair “as is” and used the ribbon to tie around her waist.)

Liberty Belle doll clothes are made from child safe material, while their high quality stitching and construction is guaranteed to keep up with hours of playtime as your little girl romps around with her favorite companion. We can provide the perfect American doll clothes solution for your little one!

• High Quality: Our doll clothes provide years of wear and play, without having to worry!
• Stain Proof: Our doll clothes are stain resistant and machine washable in an emergency!
• Child Safe Fabric: No worry about harsh chemicals or allergens!
• Beautiful Pattern: We guarantee your doll will look her best!

The nightgown is super soft (I kind of want my own in my size!) and very easy to get on and off the doll. And if I haven’t mentioned it already, it’s super cute!

I received a free product in return for this honest review. I was not otherwise compensated.

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