With my trip to Cancun coming up ever-so-quickly, it has been time to plan out what sort of accessories I will be bringing with me on the adventure.  One of my recent product reviews that has made the packing list is the Kobert Waterproof Case.  It is great to keep your phone dry while you swim, ski, hike, surf, canoe, snowboard, jetski, fish, snorkel, etc.  While I’ll probably only do ONE thing on that list with mine (you decide which) – I’m happy to have it along to keep my phone safe from waves, pool water and sand!

The inner bag size is 3.34″ x 6.49″ so it will fit most iPhones, Samsung Galaxy phones, Galaxy Notes, Nokia Lumia, Windows Phone 8x, Nexus, HTC One, etc.  I have the Galaxy 5s and it fits perfectly as long as I take it out of the case that I have for it.  It’s super easy to use, with a really nifty lock/unlock mechanism on the top. There’s even a neck strap so I can keep the phone attached to me while I swim! (Did you guess right?)

It is recommended that when your case arrives, you first test it out by putting a tissue inside of it. Close it up and submerge it in water for 5 minutes.  If the tissue comes out dry – you’re good to go.  If it is wet, then you may have received a product that is leaking and you should contact the manufacturer for a replacement!  This was an excellent tip because you won’t want to find out when it is too late in the rare case that your case has a leak in it! I submerged mine for 5 minutes and everything came out nice and dry!

The easiest way to open the case is to hold the bag with 2 hands with the front of it facing you. Use 1 finger on each hand and push the opening clips at the back towards the center. This is a bit tricky at first – but once you figure out how it works you’ll have no problem with it 🙂


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