jobsearchSuper Job Search IV is an updated version helping you on your job search. The book is broken up in to 3 parts and includes 7 steps.  Some of the tips include that outstanding candidates get the best offers. How to budget. Taking what skills you have and figuring out what kinds of jobs they could be applied to.  A note that you should list your accomplishments on your resume. A list of action words to use with your resume.  How to use recruiters to your advantage, how to use networking to your advantage. The book closes out with sample resumes and sample letters.

I always seem to think that there is something wrong with my resume.  It just doesn’t really seem to get me noticed for the jobs that I am qualified for (or that I think I am qualified for) this book helped me figure out what some pieces that I need to work on and update with my resume and the samples were helpful as well.  With any luck I can use what I learned in this book and take the steps necessary to get my dream job!

I received a free e-copy of this book in order to write this review. I was not otherwise compensated.

About the Book

Introducing the all-new, revised SUPER JOB SEARCH IV.

Here’s a manual that has helped hundreds of thousands of men and women learn the secrets behind a successful career change. Whether you are about to embark on your first job search or are in mid-career or even seeking to re-enter the job market after being away – SUPER JOB SEARCH IV will guide you through each step of the way to land the best of all possible jobs.

“If Yoda had written about mastering the job search ‘Force’ this would be it. My experience in healthcare leadership allows me to appreciate the genius and comprehensiveness of Studner’s knowledge plus the distilled practicality of this work. He hands you decades of winning experience in an expertly organized format that navigates job search with strategies for immediate use.” –Leon Directo, Director, Dignity Health

“Excellent, easy to follow book on job hunting and beyond. It takes the fear out of finding employment and is encouraging and concise.” – Danielle Kerins, Reviewer,

“Super Job Search IV tops the list for state-of-the-art techniques in tune with today’s tricky social and media networking. Using these techniques made me an outstanding candidate, landing a super job. Provides every tool plus online resources you’ll ever need.” – Steve Finney, General Manager, Quiksilver

“Super Job Search IV is a must-have for anyone recently out of work, or looking to make a switch. It helped me land a dream job 20 minutes from home in a tough job market. For the best job-search advice anywhere, get this book.” – Aileen Zeidman, HR Manager, St. Joseph Center

SUPER JOB SEARCH IV is a complete self-directed outplacement manual. The 7-Step Program will show readers how to:

– Plan their campaign to go after jobs that exist and will be sustainable in the future.

– Optimize their job search and streamline their online efforts, so they don’t waste time and energy.

– Rethink and maximize their accomplishments; pinpoint their transferable skills.

– Write a resume that is effective, flexible, and will get past keyword screeners. The book includes more than 50 sample resumes, e-mails, and cover letters.

– Use social media to get to companies and people they need to meet.

– Learn scripts to make phone calls go easier. (Because phone interviews remain a key part of job search.)

– Master all types of interviews.

– Conduct win-win salary negotiations.

ADDED PLUS! For those who may want to start their own business, Part III of SUPER JOB SEARCH IV is a mini-book that explains all the steps, including links to free advice on business and financial plans.

SUPER JOB SEARCH IV is interactive and open-ended, with tons of resources at the reader’s disposal online at and the superjobsearch app. The book will be available in eBook and hardcopy formats (release set for November 2014).

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