santaHow Santa met the ELFs is the story about Kris Kringle and the ELFs*.  These are the E.L.F.s or Extraterrestrial Life Forms that came out of an egg!  When Kris goes to meet them, they speak to him in ELF but he is able to understand that they came from a snowy land and need a special mineral to get their ship to go.  Kris realized that what they were looking for he had at home on a shelf! Since it would take a while for the ship to charge up again, the ELFs came to the North Pole to hang out.

This is a cute story, an interesting spin on Santa and the Elves that we are used to seeing in Christmas stories. The book is in complete rhyme and there are some great illustrations as well!

I received a free e-copy of this book in order to write this review, I was not otherwise compensated.

About the Book

Hundreds of years ago, in a small harbor town on a fiord in Lapland , a kindly, learned, tinker named Kris Kringle sees a strange object streak through the night sky while gazing at The Northern Lights. A collector of meteorites, he sets out with his reindeer drawn sleigh to find the fallen rock amidst the ice and snow. Instead, he has a “Close Encounter” with a trio of Extraterrestrial Life Forms, E.L.F.s, and their small egg-shaped scout craft who have come down from their Mother-ship to see if they can settle in this Frozen landscape after their long star journey in search of a new home.

Kris comes to their aid when the ELFs discover through their telepathic powers that he has a strange crystal in his meteorite collection that will allow them to slowly recharge the batteries of the great Mothership using the Earth’s Magnetic Field!

And so begins the Legendary Friendship of Kris and The ELFs that that makes them the Great Toymakers we celebrate to this day!