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Today I am posting to let you all know about a new book that I’m excited to read soon called After.  It was written by Anna Todd just as a hobby on her PHONE! Now it’s being turned into a four-book series by famed publisher Simin & Schuster and the first book came out just a couple of months ago, in October.

Anna Todd

Anna Todd is a 25-year-old One Direction Fan. (Me too! ha, jk.)  She was able to combine her love for the boyband to create After on Wattpad.  If you’re not familiar with Wattpad (and I wasn’t before finding out about this book series) it is an app that you can use to read, write, and share stories. (What kind of writer am I that I didn’t know about this app?!)  Her username on the app was Imaginator1D!  Every few days a new installment would be posted on Wattpad and before Anna knew it the story was over 2,500 pages long and has been viewed more than a BILLION times! Whoa!

Find her on Wattpad as Imaginator1D:
Twitter at @Imaginator1Dx
Instagram at @Imaginator1D


After is about a young girl named Tessa and her on-again / off-again relationship with Hardin Scott who is inspired by – you guessed it – One Direction member Harry Styles!  Tessa is a freshman at Washington State University and tells the story of her and the dark, troubled British Bad Boy (Hardin) who has stolen her heart. The first installment went on sale October 1, 2014 and the print edition is available in 26 countries.

And if you’re curious like I was – here’s some more details on Wattpad. (Which I will be signing up for as soon as I finish this post!)

With Wattpad you can read and share stories from any of your mobile devices or computers. You don’t need to be online to use the deices to carry an entire library of stories with you wherever you go!

There is a direct connection between readers nad writers. Some people may not identify with being a writer – but they can share plot suggestions via comments & message or even create original artwork or music to go along with what they are reading!

Readers will receive a notification whenever a new chapter of a story is posted. Many writers post one chapter at a time to keep readers coming back. As soon as a story is uploaded it can be accessed by millions of readers from all around the world!

You can purchase the book from Barnes & Noble and for your E-Reader at the following links: 

I participated in the After by Anna Todd blog program as a member of One2One Network. I was provided a copy of the book but all opinions are my own.

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