Rukkus is giving away $200 in concert tickets!  And while I’d love to keep this information all to myself so that *I* can win, I figured it might be best to share it with all my readers. (You know, good karma and all.)  You can use the $200 to see whoever you want – so if those One Direction tickets are priced a little bit more than you can afford – here’s your chance!

It could not be easier to win.  There are 2 ways:

Email with a four sentence poem describing your favorite live music experience for an entry!

Tweet “I just entered to win $200 in concert tickets from #jointherukkus” for another entry!

The contest begins today! November 17th at 1pm and will end December 1st at 3pm.

Good luck! And if you win – maybe you’ll consider buying me a ticket too?