There’s a lot of incredible music being created today, but it’s not always easy to find out about new artists if they are not signed to a major label. You’ll miss out on hearing a lot of wonderful music if you don’t dig a little deeper, so let’s talk about some ways you can discover exceptional new artists and songs.

Stay Active on Social Media
Today’s music acts love connecting with their fans on social media. You’ll find everyone from huge stars to your next door neighbor’s garage band on Facebook and Twitter. You can learn a lot about new artists from their social media accounts, so check them out and start interacting.
In addition to finding musical acts, you can also connect with producers like Jordan Kurland on social media. Kurland loves interacting with fans on his Twitter account, so it’s a great place to find out about exciting news in the music industry.

Ask for New Recommendations
We all have people in our lives that have great taste in music. That might be your best friend, you co-worker or the guy who manages the local music store. If you’re feeling ready to discover some new music, ask people you trust for recommendations.
Even if those new artists don’t fit into your usual mold, you can enjoy some excellent new talent and incredible lyrics. Once you let people know you’re open to new music recommendations, they’ll love sharing their favorites with you.

Attend Live Shows
Whether you live in a small area or a major city, there are most likely a variety of live shows that you can attend. Instead of only buying tickets for popular artists, don’t be afraid to check out appearances by lesser known solo acts and bands.
You’ll like some shows better than others, but there are several advantages to attending performances by up and coming artists. First, tickets for these shows are normally very reasonably priced. In fact, you might be able to even attend concerts for free! Instead of standing in line for hours or staying up all night to wait for tickets to go on sale, you can usually snatch up tickets for some of these shows right before the performance.
Most importantly, you’ll get the chance to discover some great new music. Whether you’re a heavy metal fan or you love the simplicity of the acoustic guitar, search for live shows in your area. You just might find a new favorite artist!

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