Memory Maker is offered at Disney World as a way to get professional photos throughout the park.  No matter how long your trip is, it costs $150.  I wasn’t able to justify the cost of that for just 3 days – so I looked into a Memory Maker Share which is when you go in with several other groups/families and share the cost of the $150.  It was a $30 buy-in and we all had to link our accounts together to the account which had the Memory Maker paid on it.

If you don’t get Memory Maker you can still get your photos taken, but they cost about $15 to buy – so basically as long as we had at least 2 we wanted to buy (and let’s be real, as a scrapbooker I bought them all) we would come out ahead.

We basically made it our mission to seek out every photographer we could (easier said than done since we had so much rain on our trip!) and ended up with about 150 pictures.

Once you get back, you can log in to the account and add borders and stickers to the photos, which can double or triple the number of photos that you have depending on how you edit them)

The only downside to the share is that you need to wait for everyone to come home from their trip and edit before you can download all your photos as a group.  Then once you do download there are several zip files (our group had 55) and you have to sort through them to find your photos.  This actually went pretty quickly once all the files had downloaded, but the wait was the hardest part!

Photographers are around the park and also with most of the characters at their meets. They will take a photo with your camera if you ask, but their cameras are professional and they’ll take several shots with it.  Here are a few of the shots that we got – including some MAGIC shots! (The big reason why I wanted to get Memory Maker!)  Oh and you get ride photos too! (And in the case of 7 Dwarfs Mine Train – a video! And we got video of holding Lumiere as well!)