5 seconds of summer first got known in the USA when they opened for One Direction last summer. I saw them (or heard them, rather, I didn’t bother to stand to see them) at the show at Jones Beach.  They then did a mini tour in the US – and surprise! One of the dates was in Connecticut.  I really wanted to cover the show and get a better look at them – but the show at “The Dome at Oakdale” which is a GA venue in the lobby of the Oakdale Theater.  I have never been there and asked for handicapped assistance – but I figured I’d give it a go.  Except that all the tickets sold out during presale and I didn’t get one.  Since the show was so popular – they moved it to the main theater and put the GA crowd in the front as a “pit”.  This was awesome because then I could go and actually have a seat!  Except… I couldn’t get tickets for that either.  (And I am picky about my seats – I will admit to that – but I could not get even a ticket to throw back to come up!)

Then they announced a summer/fall tour in the US!  In… 2015.  They were coming to CT on September 5th – which is a Saturday so what the heck I figured I’d try my luck again.  Livenation’s website was the worst I’d ever seen it with wait times of “15 minutes” that seemed to bounce down and up in time and nothing came up for half an hour at a time even though it said 15 minutes.  There were 3 ticket options – Artist presale, Sound check package ($90 more) and Citi card presale.  I was still being picky about the venue (wanted one of the front sections, preferably center) and got a seat way off to the side in the back and put it back.  What seemed like years later I pulled up 7th row in the center section (though I think on the aisle).  Somehow LiveNation didn’t crap out on me and the sale processed, but I kept looking for another 2 hours with not much other luck.  The sound check packages were coming up but the side section and the platinum seats that livenation sells for a premium were further back than my ticket.

So I’m pretty happy with what I ended up with – but it’s kind of crazy that it is like 300+ days away.  Will I still care? Will I even live in CT anymore? Who knows!  I feel like I have more plans for 2015 than 2014 at this point! (It’s not true, but it feels like it is!)


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