heatBefore I review this book, I feel like I need to say that I don’t understand why authors make up fake baseball teams and then put them in a world with real baseball teams. I feel like you should either be in reality (just use MLB teams and fake players) or an alternate reality (all your teams are made up.)  The baseball player in this book played for a team in New Jersey but there were references to the Mets pitcher Harvey and the Phillies pitcher Hamels.  I guess if I ever write my own baseball romance book I’ll stick to what I want and they’ll stick to theirs? Anyway…

The book begins with Darcy who is house sitting for socialite Lydia Logan while she jet sets off to Dubai.  Lydia knows that Darcy is a fan of the New Jersey Sonics and tells her that she can take her invitation and go to a benefit that they are hosting.  She tells her to borrow something from her closet but to make sure to get it cleaned once the event is done.  When she arrives, she forgot to bring her invitation to the invitation only event but when she mentions Lydia Logan, everyone assumes she is her and lets her in.  Star pitcher Chase Westbrook takes a liking to “Lydia” and the two begin flirting.  Darcy had had too much to drink and ends up back at his place once the night is through.

When Darcy wakes up and realizes what had happened – she sneaks out of his place and back home- only to realize that the earrings she had borrowed from Lydia were left at Chase’s!  She decides to meet up with him for another data as Lydia – in order to get these earrings back.  When Chase gives her fake earrings instead – she realizes that she’s going to have to keep this lie going – even though she might be falling for Chase and keeps wanting to tell the truth but is never able to find the right time.

Meanwhile, the tabloids start talking about Chase and Lydia’s relationship and since Lydia doesn’t want anyone to know where she really is – even her grandfather believes it and wants Chase to continue to date her. In return – maybe he’ll put in a good word with the Yankees since that is the team Chase most wants to play for.

Lydia ends up catching on to the fact that someone is impersonating her and comes back home to find out what is going on.  Will Lydia get to Chase before Darcy can tell the truth?  And then what happens?

Despite the fake ballclub, I did enjoy this book. I really couldn’t wait to finish it because I had to see what would happen once the truth came out.  Was Chase in love with Darcy or was he in love with the Lydia he thought he was dating and her lifestyle and trust fund? Would he ditch Darcy for Lydia once she came back to town or was it Darcy and her charm and girl next door vibe that he had fallen for?  The book is only about 200 pages so I had no problem reading it quickly in one sitting to find out what happened!  This is from the boys of summer series so I will certainly keep my eye out for future books from this series and Katie Rose.

I received a free e-copy of this book in order to write this review, I was not otherwise compensated.


About the Book

In Katie Rose’s irresistible battle of wits, a case of mistaken identity lands a female fan in bed with a sexy superstar—and in major-league trouble.

House-sitting for a rich and famous friend has its perks, and Darcy Hamel isn’t shy about enjoying them. Especially when it means scoring a ticket to an exclusive fashion show hosted by the New Jersey Sonics. An avid baseball fan, Darcy has always dreamed of meeting the team—especially the starting pitcher whose body is as hot as his fastball. But there’s a catch. The gala is by invitation only. To get behind the velvet rope, mild-mannered Darcy will have to pose as party girl Lydia Logan.

Schmoozing is one of the downsides of fame, but Chase Westbrook knows how to liven up even the dullest event. And nothing spices a night up more than a beautiful socialite with a naughty reputation. What Chase doesn’t expect is a hint of sweetness beneath her sultry façade. Flirtation turns to seduction and leaves him aching for more. Chase just doesn’t know who the real Lydia is: the spoiled tease crying foul over some missing diamonds or the alluring woman making a play for his heart.

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