boytoyBoys And Toys is a Cosmo Red Hot Read.  This was a nice change of pace from some of the other books I’ve read lately as it actually had more of a storyline.  The story begins with Liv, who is a sex toy party hostess, doing her first bachelor party.  Things seem to be going well, she is making a lot of sales, until a late party goer shows up.  Who happens to be Porter Benjamin – who works for her father!  Liv’s parents are incredibly strict and would probably disown her if they found out what her job was (especially when she has been lying to them about having a different job in marketing!) so this could turn out very bad for Liv.  Porter ends up asking for his own private party and Liv isn’t sure what to do.  If she doesn’t go, will he tell her father?

She decides to go… and the next day Liv is late for a family get-together.  At least she thought it was just family – until Porter and some of her father’s other coworkers and partners show up! The two try to play cool – but that of course fails miserably.  Later, Liv’s parents try to set her up with a nerdy nephew of a neighbor – and while the dinner is going on – who shows up but Porter.  Liv ends up freaking out on her parents and yelling that she IS NOT SINGLE! and spills the beans that she is seeing Porter.  Her family is upset.  She also decides to come clean about her job with them as well. Especially since she was just offered a great promotion in the company – doing marketing work which is what she was.. in the market for.

As I mentioned, this had a really good storyline in addition to being a “red hot read” and I certainly enjoyed it. It came in at just under 100 pages and took just over an hour to read!

I received a free e-copy of this book in order to write this review. I was not otherwise compensated.

About the Book

Every girl has a goody drawer.

Sex toy party hostess Liv Tanaka has a collection. Vibrating purple rabbits, cherry-flavored edible underwear, flavored oils… Hey, wearing a leather corset and stilettos (while selling dildos) pays the bills. Just don’t tell her very conservative parents. Because if they discovered Liv’s sex-toy-selling “Asian Elvira” alter ego, her parents would disown her.

So far, Liv’s doing a bang-up job of keeping her two worlds separate…until Porter Benjamin shows up at her party. Tall and too-tasty-to-resist Porter, who works for her father. Porter, who wants Liv to host a party just for him.

And oh, she’s tempted. But getting involved with Porter means mixing those two worlds that Liv desperately needs to keep separate. And now Liv’s Naughty Toybox is starting to look a lot like Pandora’s box….

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