If your house is anything like my house – then you are all about the Chai Tea.  Recently I got the change to try out some Vanilla Chai Tea from Nature’s Guru and I have to say – I am hooked! It tastes great and is super easy to make – and best of all – natural.  Each box contains 10 powder packets that you pour into a cup and add hot water to it.  Stir & enjoy! It’s really so good and I’ve been getting over a sore throat so I’ve been happy to be able to have an “excuse” to drink lots and lots of it! (Not that you really need an excuse!)

Nature’s Guru instant vanilla chai produces a warm, invigorating feeling that has an energizing effect on your mind and body. We blend fresh black tea leaf and perfectly harmonize it with a robust bouquet of vanilla. Balanced with just the right sweetness, our instant chai delivers a robust experience that satisfies even the most discerning tea connoisseur. Nature’s guru instant vanilla chai is more than just a tea-it’s an indulgent sensory experience. By simply adding warm water to nature’s guru’s ready-to-mix special formulation, you unlock a rich nutty aroma and experience the best of vanilla chai in a quick, convenient way. Enjoy our specially formulated natural rich gourmet tea blend anywhere – at home, office, or while traveling on the go.

Nature’s Guru Vanilla Chai has zero trans-fat, zero saturated fat, zero cholesterol, is low in sodium, low in sugar, no preservatives and no artificial flavors. Ingredients: cane sugar, milk powder, black tea extract, vanilla extract powder.

You can get Nature’s Guru Vanilla Chai on Amazon for $5.99 for a box with 10 powder packets – OR you can enter our contest and get a box for free!  (Additionally, the product can also be found at Rainbow Grocery, Whole Foods, Mom’s Organic Market, Home Good, TJ Maxx, Roots Market, New Leaf Community Market, David’s Natural Market to name a few)


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